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I used to lie awake at night wondering "How come girls on EM seem to be so trash at mafia, and hardly ever trophy?"

Now I know.

Part one: The method

It all began to make sense to me after Edark banned me from https://epicmafia.com/round/464

Now this is not the first time he has banned a girl from trophying.

Example 1: https://epicmafia.com/round/458 cupcake was banned from this round for 'cheating/meta abuse' with her boyfriend calvin. Yet Edark allowed calvin to trophy 2 rounds prior in https://epicmafia.com/round/452. Why was Anna banned but calvin not? It is important to note Edark invesigated them in dope's run but decided not to DQ calvin. But this is just the start.

Anna's run: 19 games with lad (and probably more on alts) out of 50 games

Calvin's run: He has 21 games with annabelle out of 45. Now this is NEARLY HALF, and much more than her run. Edark letting him trophy and not annabelle shows an obvious bias towards male users, when in both cases, they obviously played way too much together and possibly in each other's favour.

Now look at Edark's mod team. It is composed of just FOUR girls out of SIXTEEN people. That's 1/4! This shows an obvious bias from Edark towards males. He probably only modded those 4 girls to avoid looking like a sexist. But too bad I'm onto him.

So basically, by making his mod team full of males, they have an overarching power and are free to ban as many girls as they want from competitive rounds - making excuses they 'cheated' or allegedly have cheating vios that prevent them from trophying. The only girls that ever end up trophying are mods - AKA Pamda, Ponylove or friends of mods or ex mods - AKA expose (boop), Mori, Ripple (xsonianevermindx)

Of course there are exceptions to this rule. Stiffy is an example, she's trophied twice. But this is only as a cover up, or simply because Edark and his sexist mod team couldn't uncover any dirt on these type of girls that would warrant anywhere near a ban or round DQ.

Example 2

Don't believe me? Here is another example

Round 464. Edark BANNED me, a GIRL for a cheating vio I received about 8 months ago. My trophy ban was ending in just under half a month, but he decided to DQ me from the round anyway.

Example 3

You'd think this blatant sexism from our current admin, Edark, would have been uncovered and stopped by now. BUT NO! This tyrant still runs loose, banning girls from rounds like it's his right. THIS ROUND, yes this VERY round user yachi is banned for apparently 'cheating' in 3 games in comp a few months ago.

Now here is the report https://epicmafia.com/report/196877 and here is the pastebin: http://pastebin.com/eqJRkena

First of all, they received a cheating vio, but if you read the comments it was OT'd to a note in https://epicmafia.com/report/197020.

This is Cody's verdict: Cody 2mon 2d
after reviewing logs and discussing the games further with the involved players, it doesn't look like there's sufficient evidence to justify the cheating violation. that being said, there is a fair bit of what we might call "meta abuse" going on here, more precisely, it looks like the players in question give each other more benefit of the doubt than they would give others when it comes to lenience in their reads and general play. over time this effect gives them an unfair advantage in competitive play and is discouraged.

as for an official verdict i'm overturning this to a note and suggesting strongly that you avoid playing with each other in comp if you find that your personal friendships will cause games to be unfair to other players. i'm not barring you guys from playing games together because i'm aware that good friends can have perfectly legitimate games with one another. i trust that you will respect this decision and use your second chance wisely.

and here is the appeal https://docs.google.com/document/d/11L-pijW7ba0dmsJdxlL0OOCcyUB7vGm-bf5PMsuq_hw/edit

No where in this verdict is mention of a trophy ban or even solid proof that these 3 were cheating. Cody himself said it was more likely meta abuse.

SO why is yachi banned from this round for a cheating first violation?

You all know by now. Edark is a raging, sexist tyrant who has let the power gone to his head. He has manipulated his entire mod team, even convincing the female moderators to turn against their own.

If we want the future of EM to stay fair and equal for all, Edark must make amends. First he should DQ yachi from current round. Failure to do so should result in immediate dismissal from Lucid.

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