Fixed trophys42

Pottedstuff45mon 29d

I come onto epicmafia and see the announcement, "trophies have been fixed" by Lucid himself. I hurriedly check to see the progress that has been made, and yet I see poser's 4 cheated trophies at the top. Is this a bug? Is this a glitch? The mods have admitted that trophies can be removed, yet poser is allowed to remain number 1 despite having 0 legit trophies, and only possessing 4 trophies that she cheated to earn. So when will this issue be fixed, and when will the fame tab not have any farmed trophies in it? This seems to have made the bug worse, not better!

it's been four years and this bug has persisted. bumping for visibility
Clair1mon 7d
did you consider that poser's trophies are already "fixed"? ;)


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When will this bug be fixed?