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YHWH33mon 14d

What book/s are you currently reading?

I recently finished The Zen and Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Next up comes A Theory of Monads, a lovely first edition from 1922 on Liebniz's theory of monadology. I think monads are but part of philosophy is knowing what's and why so you can know what's not .

animefreak64Sep 18, 2016
I don't really have the time to read anymore, but I do listen to audiobooks. I'm currently listening to Inheritance, the fourth and final book in the Eragon saga. After I finish I'm thinking of listening to the Harry Potter series since I've legitimately only read the second and third books.
ScarletWolfSep 18, 2016
Doctor Glas, school book.
Dariukas47Sep 18, 2016
the bible
HelloImDenisSep 18, 2016
how to read a book for starters
deletedSep 22, 2016
"Antifragile" – Nassim Nicholas Taleb. This makes me can not stop reading right now. It's such an interesting book about economy, philosophy and more. I hope finishing it soon and find to buy his "The Black Swan".
thecolonelSep 23, 2016
surviving schizophrenia: a family manual
somethingwhateverJul 13, 2017
millenials need to read more
im reading capitalism realism rn very good, it has zizek quotes and thats v nice, really good book about commodification of dissent
groundhogdayJul 13, 2017
OK mister smartie pants
somethingwhateverJul 13, 2017
if i wanted to brag i wouldnt say i was reading a 86 page book
i would say i was reading hegel, that b1tch phenomenology of my a$$
groundhogdayJul 13, 2017
Keep eating the feed commie sheep
somethingwhateverJul 13, 2017
love too read critiques of the ruling ideology and be a sheep
groundhogdayJul 13, 2017
I thought Brazil was an anarchy or communism or the thing where the leaders are corrupt or something
somethingwhateverJul 13, 2017
u mean every government in the world
somethingwhateverJul 13, 2017
yes we r like literally all countries in the world
groundhogdayJul 13, 2017
Our presidents don't usually get 10 years in the can lol
somethingwhateverJul 13, 2017
they get pardoned
groundhogdayJul 13, 2017
They don't get pardons they give pardons you commie rat
groundhogdayJul 13, 2017
Like to the draft dodgers and stuff
groundhogdayJul 13, 2017
Or serial killers
somethingwhateverJul 13, 2017
im sorry didnt nixon get pardoned?