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What book/s are you currently reading?

I recently finished The Zen and Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Next up comes A Theory of Monads, a lovely first edition from 1922 on Liebniz's theory of monadology. I think monads are but part of philosophy is knowing what's and why so you can know what's not .

HelloImDenisApr 16, 2019
I'm reading 'Fantastic Memories' by Maurice Sandoz, it's hilarious and super intringuing
xtalApr 16, 2019
i tried to read catch 22 but whenever i open it up im not in the mood
im always in the mood for catch22
HelloImDenisMay 13, 2019!
Almost finishing Frankenstein. The story is nothing like I expected it'd be and that's for the better. The creature is much more interesting and developed. It's a sad story.
honeyOct 29, 2019
Annihilation by Jeff Van Der Meer

this book was soooo good, so rich in detail linked is the google book, it's free. There was a movie with Natalie Portman that I didn't like but this book is great and quite a bit different and it's really quick to read, I read it at work and it took like 3 days.
honeyOct 29, 2019
I already posted that in a diff thread but I was looking for the TV show thread to talk about Watchmen on HBO riP
deletedOct 29, 2019
annihilation is an incredible book but i’m amazed you didn’t like the movie, i thought the visuals were insane. watchmen is a god tier graphic novel too but i refuse to watch the adaptation.
BecomeclearOct 29, 2019
Goldstein Classical mechanics
Complex Analysis
partial differential equations
Berkeley mechanics
pitman probability
Berkeley Waves

Wonderful read very enjoyable each and every one of those books 10/10
honeyOct 29, 2019
sounds nauseating

The movie was v hard to follow and i just had so many questions but it was so satisfying in the book to see why it was called annihilation
50sentOct 29, 2019
The Noble Quran - القرآن الكريم