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Kaizen (Japanese )

One guy counts to 10 and all vote at once. I use this in games where I feel I will be either fished out as pr or that I will fos a pr and out it. This technique has never failed to lynch mafia when done properly. I can't explain why this technique works, but my subconscious says it does.

American technique

Pick a talisman. So you pick one guy and sheep him. I never pick a girl though. I do this when I am distracted. It works more than 50 percent of the time.

Indian technique

This is more a mafia finding technique, than it is for lynching, but it always helps in lynching. In this you suggest something really stupid , like lynching the unccd cop or lynching the unccd sheriff. Sometimes even worse, I suggest something like nling on ml. When I do this, the mafia ovet reacts and that over reaction is seen by even the most stupid player on the table, and they lynch the mafia. Sometimes the unccd cop is mafia.

British technique

I rarely use this technique. In this I ignore all the things said by others, and the person I want to lynch. That person loses his cool and gets really angry and disturbs the town. Then the noobs just want to get that person out of the town.

German technique

Scumhunt, give reasons, and convince the town. This works well 80% of the times. I use this a lot. People think I don't, but I do. People follow me even when I am wrong.

Spanish technique

I pick a guy, and tunnel to death for no reason. If the guy is scummy, people lynch him, and if the guy isn't scum, the town lynches outside us and gets mafia.

The pranay technique

I use this a lot but no one notices. If there are ccs, I push on the guy who I townread. People lynch the other guy.

Boo1h 30m!+1

The Russian technique: convince your scumread to vote your townread with you. Unvote at kicks to clear yourself, then 180 and hammer your scumread

roadman52m 35s+22

Welsh technique:

Rely on one person to carry the game whilst you chat in the background

I will update more techniques soon. Others should share some techniques so I can add them or recall them.

yungNov 11, 2020
big fan of the welsh technique