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itt ask adrenalinemine stuff

AdrenalineMimeApr 27, 2019!
i'm 22 the same age as the homestuck characters over time
HibikiApr 27, 2019
aren't they 23
AdrenalineMimeApr 27, 2019
ok fine, same age as the homestuck characters between august 26 and april 14 which *napkin math sounds* is 7/12ths of the year
AdrenalineMimeApr 27, 2019
i recently realized that bass guitar not only sounds cool but watching people play it is quite mesmerizing

like damn he's alternating two fingers like he's finger walking. Sexy.
AdrenalineMimeApr 27, 2019
ok well im getting into a japanese bass guitar mood so let's keep going

the bass line in this song is so SICK i have no idea how technically difficult it is but it steals the show for me
HibikiApr 27, 2019
oh yeah we have the same birthday, thats rad as hell
blankJun 2, 2019
AdrenalineMimeJun 3, 2019
hi how's your burgeoning league of legends career going
blankJun 3, 2019
getting there
follow my locked acc i deactivated my main
blankJun 7, 2019
EndorphinsJun 7, 2019
Whats being a gay like?
blank1mon 23d
feels good
AdrenalineMime1mon 21d
i didnt go to pride im a bad gay
who is adrenalinemime?