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Froce44mon 10d

I'm planning to organize a 32-participants Mancala tournament. I'm immediately following up with a new thread that is going to include the schedule, rules, and brackets once I hit the 32 sign-ups I'm looking for.

So if you like Mancala, and want to beat other people at Mancala, for absolutely no reward at all, this is the tournament for you!

I'll excuse myself from playing in the tournament, but nonetheless, the ultimate winner can have a shot at me in a best out of 5 Mancala set.

Other details coming right after sign-ups are completed. Sorry for clickbait.

EDIT: Sign-ups close 12 AM Tuesday

EDIT 2: Sign-ups are closed

FroceJul 5, 2016
i dont know about that, though ill take you as a signup
FroceJul 5, 2016
closing signups 12 AM so i can actually make an appropriate bracket and update you all through pms
SilverStJul 5, 2016!
Sign me up Froce and what do we win. pride?
BetRealJul 5, 2016
let me join ty
StoveJul 5, 2016
me pls
theturningRAYJul 7, 2016
im gonna forfeit cause i make bad decisions in my life
deletedJul 7, 2016
i can't make it because i can't do anything on fridays
coolkidrox123Jul 8, 2016
I lost to tree btw
FroceJul 8, 2016
lots of games are yet to occur. at this pace we're not going anywhere. i want more progress. please pm your opponent and play the game.

there's no longer a deadline for round 1 matches. once all games are finished we are progressing with the tournament. so please contact your opponent and get your games done!
KeepMovingOnDec 16, 2016
hey froce is this tournament still on


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