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deleted64mon 10d

alright post here or PM me and i'll give u the name of someone to do an opinion of, but this time you actually say who ya got. more drama and all that ^__^

LyreNov 24, 2015
3 more pleaserino <3
qrstuvNov 24, 2015
gardenfulloflies thank you for allowing me to be your binch <3
deletedNov 24, 2015
Joan: You are a sweetheart and I love talking to you! We should do so more often!

Bdog: You're pretty cool too I guess.
bdog1321Nov 24, 2015
you can do better than that
MasterCthulhuNov 25, 2015
give me three more names please!!!
AngieNov 25, 2015
hello 3 more!! ^^
deletedNov 25, 2015
oh i forgot to specify
give me like 3-6
surprise me
diaNov 25, 2015
can i get 1 or 2 people Bthanks
deletedNov 25, 2015!
Michael:The non-anon thread is now free-for-all
deletedNov 25, 2015
This thread is now opinionate Blister. It was his last wish before he self-deleted. Please carry out his wish.
deletedNov 25, 2015
shut up blister

nepenthe:i dont really know why you want my opinion so badly even though all you do is make fun of me most of the time, which never really bothered me and i find it p comical though you do go overboard with *actions* sometimes (damn dude), but hey overall you are a good and nice person even if you try to insult yourself most of the time
nepentheNov 26, 2015!
god i assume i can't get away without writing a real opinion so yea here it goes

also my account was hacked an i am not associated with anything said here:

artic - resident comedic relief & punching bag [the original punching bag]. fairly repetitive yet not too boring. i want to say he needs to post more while drunk but let's not fuel people's alcoholism. cool. seems like a good person

but i cannot let him know that i wrote anything positive about him so...

ReamixNov 26, 2015
Blister never gave me another person so here is my opinion on blister: blister succ
deletedNov 27, 2015
3 more pleasz
AnnaNov 27, 2015
Anna is one of my favourite EM users. I have no interest in this thread for what it is, but I will say that.

Stop posting guys I already won
starbucksneyNov 28, 2015
garden you're a ho
starbucksneyNov 28, 2015
angie carbink you are the best person ever
evoApr 17, 2020
can i have an opinion


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