Main VS Sandbox27

bryanfu92655mon 7d

I am not sure about it, so I am posting here to ask

What is the difference between the main lobby and the sandbox lobby?

deletedApr 28, 2015
Sandbox is some serious S****, do not joint until you're top kek player and be ready for some highly competitive gameplay.
blacksnakemoanApr 28, 2015
7 other gold trophies that were not given to me because of the vio that should not have been there.
Oh of course, you were innocent.
RepAOC12d 6h
Sandbox is better.
NCRAW12d 1h
Main Lobby is so serious. Sandbox, has like no structure to games. It is kinda cool, it takes away the pressure of making decisions.

make a wrong decision in main lobby, considered yourself cancelled
sl0nderman11d 20h
mods can't read
Citadel11d 19h
mods can't read
Too sad we cannot connect pros from both lobbies.

Main Lobby
- pointing system
- pixel trophy
- total balance

Sandbox Lobby
- no toxicity over loss
- no guise testing
- players better at playing in the other lobby