Epicmafia Games Done Quick10

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For every gold-heart competitive game you post in this thread that's a town win achieved in under 5 minutes, I'll donate 20 dollars to Cancer research.

HeadModeratorJan 9, 2015
damn. please move this to the appropriate subforum: Epicmafia
AdrenalineMimeJan 9, 2015
save the yakuza
LeeSinJan 9, 2015
brb let me find all the games i was town in
JalebJan 9, 2015
brb let me find all the games I was town in
He said competitive.

Hey, look up the YYC and CnS rounds. You'll find many there.
Dat22d 1h
i remember one round when people were speedrunning every game, and i think it was a tsib and manhunt round.
Did anyone ever learn how to do the Day 1 Skip Glitch? I know it's frame perfect, so it takes a lot of practice.
Giga1321d 12h
Giga1321d 12h
Oh just saw the thread date

Soluciones20d 17h
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Oh just saw the thread date

good job