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TedTonate70mon 13d

Hello. If you have opened this topic it means only one thing, you adore me and my great pro techniques that win me many games and guess mafia correctly first time. How do I do it you ask. Well I will explain right now!

Step one

Whenever you join a game, it's imperative that you introduce yourself as the great pro, this makes other people more likely to target you with something n1 or pay that little bit more attention to you d1. I've joined a dozen games now where I have introduced myself and majority of the time I live till d1 with a clear view of who is and isn't mafia, or I've died and it's given me the opportunity to watch the game and see how others play.

Step two

Always pay attention to what is happening in the game, even if someone thinks another role is in game, play out a scenario in your head and think if that role was in play and how it would pan out. If a person doesn't speak as much, don't assume that they have tabbed out or are just away from the computer, however don't dismiss that they may be a poor role that doesn't want to be noticed. For me, I out as a clear as it draws attention to me and makes people target me more often. Majority of the time resulting in a positive way.

Step three

If you see someone trying to overpower you with contradictions, overpower them instead. If not possible, overpower someone else that is incapable of reacting. Nine times out of ten if you push people to hear you out instead of the person trying to overpower you, they will side with you.

And finally,

Step four

Never yolo, never quick fire, never push on someone when nothing is happening. Because too much aggression can cause you to be lynched as both town or mafia, resulting in a bad play. (Unless intended)


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yoyoyorlozerOct 27, 2014
Great pro here.
TedTonateMay 23, 2020
Great pro here.
DkKobaMay 23, 2020
I follow some of this and pull out wins. or at least 3/3 guesses on scum
DkKobaMay 23, 2020
Great pro here.
DkKobaMay 23, 2020
wait how did this go so many years without any posts in it lmao
TedTonateMay 23, 2020
People wasn't ready for a Great Pro back then.
LeEpicHMay 24, 2020
Great pro here. I killed like 4 scum as jailer once.
PtrolMay 27, 2020
Like me? why yes I am The Greatest Pro Here.
tigermomMay 27, 2020!
I'm a bad player but I have a pretty good 6th sense when it comes to guessing who the mafia is. Like I'll list 3 users and 1 or 2 of them will be mafia. It's not good enough to use in game but it does validate my place in the file of Cassandran people across centuries and worlds...
deletedMay 30, 2020
Great pro here.
EntilMay 30, 2020
Sup losers :edoge:
LeEpicHMay 31, 2020
tigermom i have that too, 70% of the time i shoot mafia with a gun
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