Multi-Game Tournament19

Surfman74mon 13d

I would like to construct a tournament spanning multiple game types. My current idea is to have a set list of one-on-one games that will be played in every match, and whichever player wins the majority moves on to the next round.

There are 15 different games on this site that can be played with 2 players. I could do all 15 with a first-to-8 wins rule, but I feel like that would be too lengthy. Plus, some of the games are kind of draw-ish. I'll list the 15 below, and I'd like to hear your thoughts on which ones to include and which ones to leave out.

  • Connect 4
  • Checkers
  • Liars Dice
  • Crazy Eights
  • Chess
  • Ratscrew
  • Reversi
  • Concentration
  • Texas Hold'em
  • Sink!
  • Chinese Checkers
  • Jotto
  • Dice Wars
  • Go
  • Battlegrounds

Whatever the final list is, I'm thinking that players will go back and forth selecting game types from the list until one player wins the majority.

Leave a comment with your thoughts on this idea, whether you would like to participate or not, and what games you think I should include or exclude! (To kick things off, I think we should include Liars Dice, Texas Hold'em, Jotto, and Battlegrounds, and exclude Connect 4, Checkers, Crazy Eights, Ratscrew, Concentration, and Go, and I'm on the fence right now about Chess, Reversi, Sink!, Chinese Checkers, and Dice Wars.)

PookalakaAug 7, 2014
all but ratscrew, go and chinese.
powerofdeathAug 7, 2014
powerofdeathAug 7, 2014
I would include connect 4
deletedAug 7, 2014
while dice wars would be nice, i think it is too luck-based in terms of stacking and placement of territories (as well as the order in which players go in the first round) to warrant any sort of skill the rest of the games require

and go is just a terrible game tbh
przesAug 7, 2014
checkers, connect 4, sink chinese checkers and reversi are all fun and kinda fast
przesAug 7, 2014
btw this is awesome
SurfmanAug 8, 2014
Honestly, the main reason I wanted to sit out Checkers and Connect 4 is that I feel like there's too much of a chance for draws, particularly with Checkers, and I'm not sure how to handle draws. The main reason I didn't automatically cut Chess for that reason was that Chess seemed popular enough to possibly include regardless.

As for the other three przes mentioned, Sink! felt just luck-based enough to give me pause in selecting it, although in retrospect, I did include Jotto, which operates on a similar principle. I feel like the search space is different enough to still give me pause, but maybe it's just me. As for Chinese Checkers and Reversi, while I was on the fence about them, I was already leaning towards including them, though I was somewhat worried they would be too abstract. (Plus, Reversi can tie, though honestly, I don't see that happening.)
przesAug 8, 2014
ya I agree with Sink. Usually checkers has a winner tho but I can see ties happening. I'd definitely include reversi and chinese checkers though. If there's a tie just have them replay.
przesAug 8, 2014
Also don't include go or dice wars. not enough people know go and it takes a milenium and dice wars is too luck based (even though I love it)
NemDamAug 8, 2014
I want to join!
powerofdeathAug 8, 2014
jotto is definitely not luck based, I had so many 5-0 sweep before
SurfmanAug 8, 2014
I only say it's similar because, in essence, both games are guessing games. It's just with Jotto, there's the element of words, which limits things to the point where knowledge is necessary, while with Sink!, there may be some strategy involved, but it's far less than Jotto.
deletedAug 8, 2014
ratscrew is the only game that matters
ArmadillosAug 15, 2014
Go takes way too long compared to the others, Chinese checkers can be played with two but it's meant to be more.
gistofeverythingAug 24, 2014
This would be fine if Games lobby gave out trophies for tournaments.
deletedOct 9, 2014
did tghis happen
SkycladObserverOct 11, 2014
If this will still happen, it should just be first to 3, with the two players alternating in picking any game from the fifteen-game list.
hitoDec 9, 2017
deletedDec 22, 2017