Emoticon List?46

L0VEUL0NGTIME75mon 29d

I'm pretty new around here, and it has come to my attention that there are some really awesome emotes. Why is there no list in the wiki? I'd love to be able to use some without begging people to tell me how lol

metsnfinsFeb 20, 2020!
:pingu::shotgun::rip::Pepe::penguin::omg::fufu::cat::ghost::bunny::snake::cupcake::rainbow: :annajane::nano::doge:

:rose: :@ :pizza: :) :( :o :3 <3 :gay: ;) o.o :P :hammer::knife::fp: :ttm: [email protected] zzz :bats: :horse: :mermaid: :star: :clock:

:bump: :unicorn::boar: :cookie: :snowman::santa::candycane: :christmas::turkey::lion::cake: ;-;

we need more gogogo
thekillersansMar 3, 2020
metsnfinsMar 18, 2020
what happened to annajane and omg and ttm among others?

why why why
person29Jun 15, 2020
WHY DID WE GET RID OF :omg: ??? :((
NeverJestJun 15, 2020
for :charley: which doesn't exist anymore
charleyJun 16, 2020
:marry: is the cutest