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This is hellacash acting on behalf of LordHollow to ask for an appeal on his ban. Before I start with everything I'd just like to state a few things:

  1. If you suspect this account of being an alternate of that of LordHollow, take note that I have been in the community for a long time and we are friends. The reason why I have the sources I will state later in this post is that LordHollow and I exchanged Skype and Facebook, so that proves we're different people.

  2. If you suspect this account of cheating with LordHollow (as I said, we HAVE exchanged Skype and Facebook), take note that we have played many games with each other (as we were even in the same family for a while) and that I will formally pledge right now that I have had third-party contact while in a game. Report me if you will, I am simply asking for an appeal to play with a friend.

  3. LordHollow IS guilty of ban evading. But the reason why I am asking for this appeal is because LordHollow was banned for reasons never backed up with evidence; I am just a bit skeptical about how his ban went by. By no means am I saying I 100% believe LordHollow's POV, but I am saying that I feel there needs to be some evidence.

  4. Some of you mods may notice that HollowLord has recently logged in with an IP identical to mine. This is because I wanted to defend and ask for an appeal on behalf of the IP-banned LordHollow, and I asked for his account information in order to get his PM messages.

Here are a few things that will be referred to constantly throughout this post.

Arcbell's investigation between LordHollow and Musta: http://pastebin.com/3jYt9DpV LordHollow's PMs with Empire: http://pastebin.com/4u3Mcp4D LordHollow's PMs with Arcbell: http://pastebin.com/8j0JnqpN


This is the first thing I'll talk about. Arcbell suspected LordHollow for cheating and lists 5 games, (at the time musta had only played 5 games all with LordHollow), two of which are controversial and three of which where the chances of external contact between musta and LordHollow are slim.

Game 1: https://epicmafia.com/game/3102564/review. Arcbell's reasoning goes as follows: LordHollow and musta are cheating at some level because LordHollow tunnels scarcest, who happened to be the last mafia in a threeway with no clears.

LordHollow told me that the reasoning behind his tunneling was a hard fos on scarcest. As stated in the game, LordHollow fos'd scarcest since he had minimal talking throughout the game.

Game 2: https://epicmafia.com/game/3102601/review. Game 3: https://epicmafia.com/game/3102620/review. Arcbell states himself that these 2 games happened the way they did through natural circumstance. "Town sort of just wins". None of these games provide any speculation of cheating between LordHollow and musta.

Game 4: https://epicmafia.com/game/3102640/review. To put shortly, Arcbell uses this game as the core behind his argument. HOWEVER, even EpikMafia states that he believes musta and Dirkbot are the same people. LordHollow did die the first night and he could have known the potential gunned; however, the possibility that musta may have been cheating with someone else overweighs this speculation.

It might also be interesting to note that Dirkbot's last game was 20 days ago. musta's last game, before he was banned, was 20 days ago as well. These two might have no relation, but I don't think it's bad to at least take a look into this.

Another thing. At post-game LordHollow accuses Dirk of cheating / vegging, most likely following EpikMafia's slight accusation at that possibility. Had musta and him been partners via cheating, I doubt that LordHollow would accuse Dirk of cheating with musta as an investigation into those two (assuming LordHollow IS cheating with musta) would have led into an investigation on musta, which would reveal him to have cheated with LordHollow.

musta also gives reasons as to why he believed Dirkbot had gun. If you assume that musta is a new player, it makes sense as to why he would be so intent on Dirkbot having a gun. I'd like to ask for mods to quickly look into Dirkbot and musta to see if they had any relation to each other.

Game 5: https://epicmafia.com/game/3102669/review. Arcbell states himself that there was nothing that musta and Lordhollow could have done in this game. Suspecting LordHollow for happening to investigate warhammer, who was partnered with musta, is a very weak argument. This game, like the second and third game Arcbell states, is just another game that musta and LordHollow played with each other. Nothing more.


In this section I'd like to point out that the main gist of the conversation was that LordHollow shared IPs with nessaa and musta and that LordHollow refered to musta as "Vanessa" in one of the games they played with each other.

On this, I'd like to state that "nessaa"'s real name is most likely "Vanessa". It's fairly obvious. As LordHollow states himself, "[he] was not talking to anyone in the game" and "it was self talk".

Empire gives a very interesting outlook on the situation. musta is possibly a shared account between nessaa and LordHollow. At various times, musta's IP matches that of nessaa. On other occasions, the IP matches that of LordHollow.

So I believe it would be safe to say that musta can at some level either: (1) hack into the system / somehow share IPs or (2) be an account belonging to either nessaa or LordHollow.

At the end, it can be assumed that Empire goes to inquire nessaa on the issue.


The biggest issue with this conversation is the lack of evidence that Arcbell provides. When LordHollow asks Arcbell for screenshots / proof that he shares IPs with nessaa and musta, Arcbell simply ignores it and asks if he uses any proxies / VPNs.

LordHollow also states that he knows nessaa, just not in real life, and that they live close to each other. Assuming that they live in the same city, it is a posibility that they have, at some point, used the same proxies; otherwise, it should be safe to assume that LordHollow and nessaa are but friends who met on EM.

Arcbell claims that the three players have the same IP. Assuming that the three are all one person is a longshot as nessaa and LordHollow are members of the community that have been active for quite some time.

It also doesn't explain why musta and LordHollow happened to be banned but nessaa was not. If the THREE shared IP's with each other as Arcbell states, and if musta is possibly a shared account between LordHollow and nessa as Empire states, there is no reason as to why nessaa was not banned along with LordHollow.


LordHollow lies at one point in his conversation with Empire. He states that the Vanessa he mentioned was a Vanessa, a childhood friend. If it is true that he doesn't know nessaa in real life, this statement is a lie as they cannot possibly be childhood friends. This, however, bears no weight against LordHollow's case. This lie is unrelated to the situation at hand. I just wanted to touch upon this just in case anybody wanted to mention it.


In conclusion I'd like to appeal for LordHollow's ban. He's a good friend of mine on EM and I'd like to play with him once more. If unbanning him completely is not suitable, I'd like to ask for a shorter ban period. He was banned for a year by Arcbell with no evidence, and he insisted on banevading with another account whose name is technically identical to the original: HollowLord.

Ultimately I'd like to ask mods to look into this again and to make sure no mistakes were made. If LordHollow is found guilty then he should be banned; simple. But if Arcbell banned LordHollow on sheer speculation with no evidence or proof; or if musta actually is a different, independant account; or if musta proves to have relations with a different player; I'd like to ask that LordHollow be banned for a shorter period of time, or perhaps unbanned completely.

mandevianJul 7, 2014
arcbell did the right thing. no one tunnels so hard for minimal contribution. never ever. you gave the worst reason ever and admitted to cheating here by saying you had outside contact while in game
HibikiJul 7, 2014
pranay you actually read all those words? what a waste of time
hellacashJul 7, 2014
Oh. I'm sorry I meant to say NO external contact. LMAO. *** me.
SammieJul 7, 2014
remember when lordhollow had games with his own alts that had the same ban id as he did? i do
deletedJul 7, 2014!
I never asked nessaa about the shared IPs because I stepped down before I got around to it. Whether Arcbell ever got around to it I don't know, though I did recommend him to.

But yes, Lord+Nessaa shared IPs with musta at separate points in time, which is impossible unless they either A. Used the same proxy or B. Logged into the account.

Game 4 is really the nail in the coffin and makes it very, very obviously B. There were only 2 possible people musta could have been cheating with, and considering Dirkbot was AFK and musta raged and kicklynched them, it's pretty safe to say they weren't cheating with Dirkbot. This is not even counting the shared IP+the other games.

Lord also claimed that the childhood friend was separate from Nessa. I didn't really believe the claim that he was talking to a childhood friend to begin with, I believe he was talking to nessaa playing on musta in the game.

tl;dr: They were very blatantly cheating ingame, and nessaa/LordHollow both logged in on that account at some point in time 100%.
Shwartz99Aug 14, 2017
Unban him!
deletedAug 14, 2017
reban him
HerpHollowMay 14, 2019
Unban him!