dice wars cheat guide5

bibty80mon 9d

are u not good at the cool game called dice wars?

well do not worry i am here 2 help! i am one of the most greatest dicer wars player! i can give you the all tips on becomign good dicer and help. you could impressive your friends and opotnens for the once.! this is a comleshesive guide written by the gretatest mode ever! (wit helps from the Luoizy) so look at the below words so you could be a dicer warriors pro! like me of coarse.

  • this tip can save u hudreds of bucks. befor shacking trees make sur you open yor traine gayte to guets. not the many pepl kno tht b's willnt spawn if gayte is the open seting.!

  • nest tip. now this is somting alot of the pepl do aint kno. it involvs a vry speshul ingredents. u wil need to ingredents: TIMING AND MUSHroom. wen the blu shel razes abov of u raydioct reackt i mean use ur MUSHroom by presing ets.

  • and the nest 1, ur weltum and a btw if madgaskar is not the infeckted yets, mights as wel giv up.

bibtyJun 16, 2014
thanks bibty! (-:
HoodJun 16, 2014
Nice work, I knew I modded you for a reason.
deletedJun 16, 2014
my god bibty are you trying to trick ppl into acnl-ing with you?
deletedJun 16, 2014
pldue bein abke ro wart wih alaty line urreld. cntway to ue na cheast
bibtyJun 16, 2014
omg bubty yuh r theee greatest thing tht has evaaaa happened to games lobbeh!! XX
how helpfull was my tipts?