make fufu sitewide emote78

kino78mon 14d

:fufu: :uffu: :ufuf: :fuuf: (made by missingheart) are wonderful emotes and are loved by everyone. make these beautiful emotes sitewide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

go to <a href=""> missingheart's profile</a> to see all the beautiful fufu she has made!

<a href=""> fufu deck</a>

PhoenixDoodDec 25, 2015
We need fufu!
deletedDec 25, 2015
i miss kino
deletedDec 25, 2015
honestly fufus would be great for the :) :( :O :| :3 ;-; and zzz emotes, but it'd clash with the mafia theme...

...unless of course, we were to make fufu role icons :^)

forget making fufu sitewide make the site fufuwide
JimbeiDec 25, 2015
Hima bring us a new fufu revolution
kinoMay 26, 2020
caitelatteMay 27, 2020!
i would sign this again :flufu:
JimbeiMay 27, 2020
Hima bring us a new fufu revolution
LimegreenMay 27, 2020
i support the fufu movement, :leafufu:
LeEpicHMay 27, 2020
we will fight for our fufus :kungfufu:
caitelatteJun 7, 2020
make flufu sitewide please
SerraJun 7, 2020
wtf why has it been 6 yrs!!! give the ppl what they want plz
fufuJul 27, 2020
Make fufu sitewide! Make fufu sitewide!
KenmaJul 27, 2020
for too long us epicmafia users have been deprived of sitewide pixelated cat images. it ends now.
jacobkrinJul 27, 2020
i will sacrifice kenma in order for us to get sitewide fufu
kinoJul 27, 2020
i'm glad someone bumped this again
bansheewhat1mon 29d
make fufu sitewide please :fufu:
KikkoteX1mon 29d
make kino fufu
Missingheart1mon 27d
As creator of fufu I give my express permission for site wide fufu

make fufu sitewide

make it sitewide
353 signed