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deleted102mon 3d

You are beautiful.

com·pli·ment nounˈkämpləmənt/

1. a polite expression of praise or admiration. "she paid me an enormous compliment"

caitelatteJul 9, 2020
has some good coffee aeropress recipes, good fun
CaptainKyanJul 9, 2020
An amazing person, energetic, lively and joyful at times, but down to earth and incredibly helpful when you need them. Thanks Caite
space5d 12h
really friendly and great user and one of my favorite people to play with!
Artic5d 12h
If i asked this user to help me "hide a body" they would help me but would also scold me for doing such a thing, which means they care.
this user is absolutely incredible at immediately leaving the house after the ghost kills you in phasmo. truly unmatched..
daejeon5d 12h
super nice super cute person. if youre ever feeling down, you can totally go to her and she'll make you feel better. also, too pro at acrotopia
daejoen is 10/10 would smooch (if i was straight) again. her and showerfairys relationship is cute af. she's just so fun, and i hop we can keep being friends <3
seems to have rejoined the game recently and i look forwards to getting to know this user so far would say they seem nice
Towncriers5d 5h
runs one of my favorite role accounts. big fan of their current and past pfps, super fun to play with and overall a 10/10 guy
machoke5d 5h
is a sweet user who is gr8 to everyone . would recommend playing with them . isn't annoyed by machokes lame lines.
Coffeeditto4d 11h
has made a pokemon account, and i stand in solidarity. also uses third person in a respectable way
a genuinely nice human being who takes the time to be kind to everyone deserving. a good friend who i miss talking to. if you get to know coffee, you're getting to know a great person