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deleted102mon 3d

You are beautiful.

com·pli·ment nounˈkämpləmənt/

1. a polite expression of praise or admiration. "she paid me an enormous compliment"

lilinSep 21, 2019
keeps his mother's basement warm and toasty
GyroGearlooseOct 1, 2019
you have a bird icon
LeChuckOct 1, 2019
you have a bird icon
ShoopieOct 1, 2019
you have a bird icon
jacobkrinOct 1, 2019
has a good looking profile
dzkeOct 1, 2019
is the most adorable and amazing person in the world!!! i love u jacob!!!
alicetamaOct 1, 2019
Always makes me smile!
ReadyForBreadyOct 1, 2019
The coolest person I've never spoken to!
EnderOct 1, 2019
i love bread
deletedOct 1, 2019
Nice name
marryOct 3, 2019
love the name!!! cute icon. A+
SteelixMegaOct 3, 2019!
can't spell mary >>>>>>>:)
spartaaaaOct 3, 2019
You aren't a sandbox player :D
deletedOct 4, 2019
we've only talked very little and i already find you kinda cool. must mean you're amazing.
ObitoSigmaOct 4, 2019
If you should ever leave me, though life would still go on, believe me: The world could show nothing to me. So what good would living do me. God only knows what I'd be without you.
deletedOct 4, 2019
fellow beach boys fan !!
SteelixMegaOct 18, 2019
You aren't a sandbox player :D
omggg thank you
HyperLithicApr 14, 2020
nice name
SupBrosMay 23, 2020
blessed to have him join my connect 4 and acrotopia games
GodStephCurryMay 24, 2020
handsome traveller x