AwayNotAFK38mon 24d

For survivor games. Only include BPs and Host role. Probably no tickets needed to play a game. Whisper and day start included by default, passwords optional.

Basically because basic games won't let you use Survivor roles.

EDIT: Maybe an option for 2 tribe games

funkii4710Feb 14, 2011
This is already being made I am in talks with Lucid about it. It won't be a Survivor lobby though it may be it's own domain.
projectmattFeb 14, 2011
I love this idea. Can't wait to see it happen.
GreenMachineFeb 15, 2011
it must allow you to read how to play before joining
mawkawkawFeb 15, 2011
Should be its own lobby. Own domain is stupid
funkii4710Feb 15, 2011
Mawk Lucid would most likely give it its own lobby, but because the host role is so big it had to have its own domain in order to run properly. Don't worry us Survivor lovers will get a healthy dose of updates in the near future I promise.
deletedFeb 15, 2011
So when do you think lucid will finally finish it funkii? Cuz I cant wait :)

Inb4 when it starts and lucid posts it in the announcements people get curious and start making games not knowing what this is and/or without an experiences/capable host.

Also, I don't get the domain part, can you explain to me what the domain will be like?
deletedFeb 15, 2011
Don't need BPs, just blue.
FalconpunchFeb 16, 2011
We don't really need this
funkii4710Feb 17, 2011
Guys I think by the domain part is that it is getting its own separate engine different from Epic Mafia itself, but will still be a part of the website itself. As for a time frame when it will be finished I can't say exactly, but I know that Lucid is working hard on it and last I checked he had a good amount of it already done.

I will try and keep you guys updated with what I know!
AwayNotAFKFeb 18, 2011
oh yeah, considering that Host isn't mafia there's no need for BP
deletedFeb 18, 2011
Ok funkii, keep us updated.
grodyFeb 18, 2011
Oh and make whispers impossible to leak in Survivor setups.
AnonFeb 19, 2011
As much as I love my survivor I'm going to say no on this for one simple reason: I don't like the thought of having to go and check the survivor lobby over and over. Leave the survivor games in sandbox where we can see them.
funkii4710Feb 20, 2011
Here is what I know so far that the Host role will be able to do:
See all whispers in a game to prevent cheating in challenges

Whispers are leak proof in Survivor games

Host cannot die, and I believe he will be the sole person that eliminates someone not a vote by everyone (Host gets the votes of everyone of course in the game)

The Host MIGHT be able to talk to the graveyard to get the jury votes before they leave. (This is one of the main reasons Lucid needs another sub-domain to implement this and others to the role).

With the Host I don't think there would be a need for a Mafia role to create the game.

The Host role is invicible and cannot die until the town overpowers him/her in numbers I think.

There might be more, but it isn't there off the top of my head.
LaexioFeb 20, 2011
This lobby would just be empty all the time.
deletedFeb 20, 2011
Not at all Laexio. Many new people would come once they hear there's a whole new section in epicmafia. I say it would be about as dead as the Gold Lobby. Either way, I am looking forward to this.

It looks like it's going to take a lot of work, but I hope it's finished soon. Also funki, either the Host should be able to give out his role or be pre game determined who gets it.
deletedFeb 20, 2011
Also, this:

"EDIT: Maybe an option for 2 tribe games"

and maybe even mole :D

But all of that I think should be an update, after we get to try it
grodyFeb 20, 2011
Also Survivor Games should have time limits increased to 20 minutes.
funkii4710Feb 21, 2011
Okay more details I forgot:
Survivor games won't have a time limit I think.

Host can be used in many different games like Survivor, The Mole, Big Brother, etc.

You could just split everyone up into two tribes, you wouldn't need specifically a system to work it, though it would be nice.

Also the person who created the game would automatically be deemed the host, but they will be able to transfer their role to a new person if say they have to leave or something.
deletedFeb 22, 2011
Sandbox lobby!

Maybe a cutsom set-up, but not much more PLEASE!

I remember when "Natural Selection" implemented "Combat" maps, essentially a special game mode that played like Counter-Strike.

Ruined the community. No one wanted to play vanilla NS, because the community shifted to CS players.

The servers only played CO, new players wouldnt play NS cuz they couldnt figure it out, old players said "fuck this."

I have nothing against the survivor set-up, but I fear history will repeat itself.