Sifting Through A Charade
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RaiseJuly 21, 2012
"Nine men a dinner went by... six men in the shadow of their eye... one man they wouldn't watch, why? The two were ready to hear out his cry." - "Murder at Needle Hill" After Richard Bailey's last scream, the reactions around the table were varied: Screams to helpless gasps to surprised yet cold looks. Hercule Poirot was the only man looking somewhere else, more specifically, at Von Dorski, the strong bulky man, akin to a juggernaut, as he had a hint of a perverted smile on his face. While Poirot thought to himself about Von Dorski's expression as a murder had happened right next to him, the green-dark eyes of the Russian man looked right back at Poirot, and for a brief second, the masterminds clashed. It is said that the one to commit the crime is always the least expected, would that be Doctor Lambert or Nurse Chudley? Hercule Poirot let out a small sigh. It was gonna be a long week for him, perhaps his last.
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