Pursue and Destroy Wolfboy 2.0
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innovateur84November 3, 2011
Again thanks to Wolfboy, Kyle, Moxie, Keifru and some other friends, their advice helped make this set up. This needs some instruction, I ll start with mafia: 1) Ninja vote first in night meetings, 2) Sniper is not on your list at night, so you know who is the sniper 3) It is crucial that the spy contact the sniper, 4) If you get a vest try to act town and use it at your advantage 5) sacrifice the Sniper after he/she shot, protect the ninja. 5) It is better for sniper to hit the bomb than to kill a second blue in my opinion. 7) Spy don't message blues, if you do, send the message to the your partners in advance so they pass the test.

Town, 1) let the dep not be trigger happy, if dep derp and sac on the bomb, it autoloss for town. 2) BS and Bomb both claim BS/bomb d1, mafia might hit the bomb or the BS, 50%, if the dep is alive town is guarantee a ML 3) If you are town and you received a vest, claim BS/Bomb, the BS should not cc you (if mafia do the same), BS should wifom having received a vest to trick the sniper into shooting the bomb or the vested townie. If the sniper shoots the real BS despite of the wifom, it is likely that the vested is mafia. 4) Other option to give out vest n1 5) Remember that sniper can't night kill, so there are 2 mafia that are more dangerous and they will be more protective of themselves. 5) If you are bomb and you get a vest, claim BS/Bomb but dont out that you have a vest, it basically means you are the bomb and not a BS.
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