Paranoid Pandemonium
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OmniscientMarch 7, 2009
This setup is meant to start scumhunting DAY ONE. The point of this setup is to figure out WHAT ROLES DIED by getting claims, CCing, etc. It is not like the other Mortician setups that are based on luck. This setup is based on skill. Trying to get around the graveyard dilemma--or--if you are mafia then taking advantage of it. I spent 2 hours doing calculations to make It balance. I then tested it unranked and ranked the whole night and next day. I have had really positive feedback from it so far. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ***SOME STRATEGIES***: If a mafia is about to be lynched, ASK FOR KILLER TO WHISPER YOU!!!!!!! VERY IMPORTANT!!!! That way, you can coordinate kills. Don't tell the killer the identity of your partner (in case a town person fakes killer), but just tell the killer who to target at night.) mason should claim D1 and not tracker (you do not know if BG is dead). Stalker could stalk same person mafia kills so he can fake that role. Disguiser should disguise as mason D2 and lead other masons to lynch a town--------------------------------------------------------- ***INTERESTING DISCOVERIES***: Even when mafia/killer have majority, they do not know it yet due to the graveyard. So the game is not over yet. A lot of the strategy depends on what happens day1. The setup is not a random guessing game but there are many different strategies. Many ways for village to go about. Many ways for Mafia to stay alive. Killer is EPIC in this setup and can play both sides off each other, but unfortunately the killer is on a losing streak right now, so I'm trying to post Killer strategies.
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