owned bySteinbeck May 26, 2015 4:58am

Philosophy: from its Greek roots it means literally "the love of wisdom."

We are seekers of truth, destroyers of contradiction, upholders of rationality. We are the torchbearers of enlightenment, the heroes of thought, and the enemies of illogic. Still, I can find no better description than what the origin of the word calls for: lovers of wisdom. We are lovers of wisdom. And this is simply the end of our game; the love of wisdom is built upon four pillars.

Pillar 1. Truth

If there is no truth, no pursuit of knowledge is worth the venture. The acquisition of truth is our every ambition.

Pillar 2. Rationality

The truth cannot avail us if our tools of reasoning do not serve us. We think properly and without the influence of fallacious appeals.

Pillar 3. Fearless Volition

We devote ourselves to wisdom voluntarily. If we find ourselves too lazy to seek truth and delve into the intricacies it demands, we do not deserve to be called philosophers. If we find ourselves afraid to admit truth, perhaps because of the conclusions which might arise from it, we are feckless cowards and do not deserve to be called philosophers. Philosophy must be voluntary, and it must be fearless.

Pillar 4. Love

Our motivation for practicing philosophy is not to learn to speak more loftily or to float around novel ideas in the presence others. This would turn philosophy into a competition of accrual that in the end would reward the biggest braggart. We practice philosophy for love of philosophy. We do not seek to parade around in purple robes and glorify ourselves but would be content with a small room of friends, each speaking sincerely of the little bit of truth that he has to share.