Order of Aphelion

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The Order of Aphelion is an ancient organization, dating back at least 500,000 years. Records from before the Last Great Technological Purge are spotty at best. The stated goals of the Order of Aphelion are to fight for freedom and justice, no matter the cost and by any means necessary. This includes assassination of targets and political sabotage.

The Order of Aphelion has its name because technology from before the Last Great Technological Purge was dependent on solar cycles. Aphelion, which is the furthest distance that the Sun is from the Earth during a year, caused technology to operate at a vastly reduced capacity. The Order was able to exploit this to strike fear in the hearts of evil men.

Unfortunatly, the Order's supremacy was not meant to last. Another organization called Pericynthion conspired to eliminate the Order's greatest advantage - the technology itself.

By detonating an antimatter explosive 10,000 miles above the Sun's photosphere, they were able to trigger a shockwave that rendered all technology useless. Civilization collapsed overnight, and humanity quickly regressed into tribes.

Ever since, the Order of Aphelion has been reorganizing, preparing to return to save humanity from tyranny and injustice. Pericynthion is still a threat, and the fate of humanity lies in the balance.

You are in this family because you are a Herald - part of the ruling council of the Order of Aphelion. You may not know it, but you are immortal, having undergone genetic modification and memory erasure. You are center stage in the largest conflict this world - perhaps even this galaxy - has seen. The Eclipse War will not resolve itself.


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