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We play the game with Zeal. This family is mostly a family of friends & people who enjoy playing together. We do require you to be somewhat experienced at mafia however. If you want to join you need to have three current members recommend you, and you can't be "hated" by one of our current members, we don't want in-family drama.

Also we like bronze trophies, if you couldn't tell. Silvers are okay, too.

Family Goals:

  1. Reach 500 k points

  2. Get 10 bronze trophies

  3. Friendship!

Official Zeal Forum:


> http://www.epicmafia.com/forum/lobby/29


Family wars

LOTUS surrendered after 24 hours.

Kawaii sucks is no longer even on the highest ruling leaderboard

War on Vivid Faggotry is currently being waged